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Zuppa Contadina

Sometimes the best recipes aren’t really recipes at all.  Such is the case with today’s offering which should be considered more of a concept than a strict recipe.  It’s become a favorite around our house, particularly for me because it’s so flexible in terms of ingredients and yet consistently good.  The only constant from one batch to the next is Italian Sausage which can be made into meatballs or sauteed like ground beef, whichever you’d prefer.  Everything else is fair game and the random vegetable scraps are particularly welcome.  The most recent batch I whipped up consisted of our basics (Italian Sausage, onion, garlic) plus zucchini from our garden, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, kale, and about 2 cups of salad leftover from the night before.

My father-in-law dubbed this “Zuppa Contadina” which roughly translates to Farm Girl’s Soup and a more fitting description could not be found.  Traditional Zuppa Contadino (or Farmer’s Soup) is made with beans as well as vegetables and best as I can tell is a strictly vegetarian offering.  Like I said, we’re going big concept here.  I say, use what you like and call it dinner.  Enjoy!

The Home Grown Mom’s Zuppa Contadina

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