The Home Grown Farm

Questions & Answers

Q) When do I have to have my order in to have it delivered the next day?
A)Well the short answer is by 5 pm the day before. However, the pickup locations are set on certain days and cannot be moved. For example, China Spring pickup is only on Wednesdays. So regardless of whether you order on Saturday or Tuesday, you can only pickup in China Spring on Wednesdays.

Q) What happens if I can’t pickup my order?
A) As long as you let us know before 2 hours prior to your pickup, we can refund your order. However, after that time, nothing can be done to save the order and you’ll lose the credit and the order. So you might as well have a friend go pick it up so it doesn’t go to waste!

Q) So how does HGF credit work?
A) Once credit has been put on your account, it’s valid for one year. If it isn’t used within a year, it will expire. However, the credit on your account can be used for ANY Home Grown Farm products and can even be used to purchase your membership for subsequent seasons.

Q) How much food do I get with a Full Share? A Half Share?
A) It all depends on what kinds of food you order! If you use your credit to buy denser veggies, your delivery will weigh more. For example, if carrots are $3.50/pound and spinach is $4.50 for a 1/3-pound bag, then you could spend your credit buying a lot more pounds of carrots than spinach. Remember, a Full Share entitles you to $25 of credit each week, and a Half Share gets you $15 of credit each week. A Full Share will get you more food than a Half Share, but your credit is yours to spend however you’d like!