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Thank Goodness It’s The End of The Year

It’s been a rough couple of weeks here at the farm. I guess last year seemed better because the weather was milder and we had less planted so it was easier to cover and care for on the few days and nights that the temperature dropped.

This year we’ve put a lot more in the ground, which means we’ve got a lot more to lose when the freezes come. Walking through the fields every morning as the sun rises and checking the plants has always been one of my favorite times.

endofyearNot so recently. Most know not to talk to me for a while afterward, unless you want to lose your head! I’d love to be able to cover and protect more but it can be costly in both time and money to get it all done. I’ve just decided that I hate the cold.

It didn’t really bother me so much when I worked in an office but these past few years have given me a great appreciation for the Spring and Fall, which are far too short, in Central Texas. So, what do I do now? The onliest thing to do in these situations: when the going gets tough, you get tougher, you work harder, and you seed more!

So if you need me,I’ll be out in the hoop house, mixing soil, filling trays, planting seeds, and in the fields tilling, spreading compost, planning for the next season.

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