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Well It’s Been A While…

I’m sure most of you who somewhat follow our story know that this season was our first at the new place in Gholson. It’s been great to have river bottom soil, the ease with which it works, the flat terrain, and the location close by the river. But the land was neglected from a fertility and biological health perspective. It’s pretty neat to see a place change over time as you go through the rehab process. The plants and animals begin to do better and better as the health of the whole farm improves incrementally season by season. Hopefully we all improve from one season to the next. The past couple of weeks reminded us of why we should already have frost protection for the fields ready to go, and in Central Texas, be ready to take it off when it’s 70 degrees the next day.


Our next plan is to add hoop houses which will allow us to continue producing some of the less cold hardy plants as well as giving us a place to shade the less heat tolerant ones in the summer. We’re also planning to add mobile chicken coops to expand our number of layers and broilers as well as starting a grass fed beef operation this spring. Now if we could just clone ourselves a few times over we’d be able to do all of this, maybe. It’s exciting to make plans for the next season. On the rough days, it’s the thing that keeps me going. Sometimes it’s easy to feel lost at sea out here. The only remedy I’ve found is to focus on what’s next and make big plans. Even if you can’t accomplish them all, if you don’t make the plans you’ll never start them anyway.

It’s always a balancing act, every season we go through a dozen set of our own best laid plans, and the mice concur. Each time tossing the last set and starting over, usually ending up somewhere close to the original. Like most things around here, it’s a tedious process but one that can’t be bypassed. So while we’re making and remaking I’ll make an honest effort to keep the curious apprised of what we’re doing out here, not that it won’t change tomorrow but so you can see how it does.

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