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Our CSA: Working Hard to Build Something Great…

Things have been slow out in the fields for the past couple of weeks with most of the work being done out in the hoop house and indoors planning for spring and summer CSA. We’re working hard to anticipate the logistics and work out the day to day activities that are coming with this new model CSA that we’ve created. Although it’s a daunting challenge, turning the CSA model on its head is an exciting one for me personally.

You see, a CSA is structured so that it works best for the farmer in some ways. Changing it is going to require a lot more risk for and work for me but I want to create a model that is better for the average consumer. I hate it when I hear back from a member that they don’t particularly like a certain vegetable they received the previous week. That’s why we’re changing this up!


I believe whole heartedly that people want choice. It’s all about consumer empowerment right!? So we’re going the extra mile to allow our members to have that choice, I don’t want to push veggies on people that are going to be thrown out! The changes we’re making wouldn’t be possible without the technology to automate this process.

It’s almost entirely due to the skills of my tech savvy ‘little’ brother that we’re able to launch this new model so soon. When I come in from the field or hoop house and see him working at ‘Command Central,’ with headphones on, multiple monitors, and clacking away on the keyboard, I know we’re that much closer to doing some pretty cool stuff! I think this new style CSA is going to be a hit, at least with consumers, I might get strung up by my farmer friends and mentors!

But if you’re not upsetting the establishment you’re not doing it right, right? 😉

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