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Integrity in Local Farming

As a beginning, small scale farmer, I understand the need for community and relying on the help and experience of others.

There have been several people that I’ve relied on over the past couple of years to answer questions and give guidance. I’ve also seen amazing diversity amongst small scale farms. It’s difficult to ‘do it all’, and I want to offer everyone the most variety of chemical/pesticide free produce possible.

That’s why we’re launching what we’ve named Home Grown Certified. Some of the items that you’ll see available in our CSA store for you to choose from will be grown on one of our local partner farms. For instance, it’s difficult for us to grow melons in our type of soil. I’ve tried, but the clay content is just too high! So we’ve partnered with another small local producer to bring you sweet cantaloupes and watermelons.

HomeGrownCertifiedWhat this actually means is that I’ve developed a relationship with them over the past two years, checked out their growing practices, and feel confident in them and their produce. They actually fill out an agreement with us, detailing what OMRI (organic approved) methods they use for pest control and soil amendments. I also make regular trips to check out their fields and conduct an inspection. This might seem a little heavy handed to some but we have to make sure that we are only offering the cleanest, safest, pesticide and chemical free produce available.

We will only do business with those that we trust and whom we have built relationships. The benefit to you is two fold. First you’ll get unmatched variety in your produce and fruit choices. Secondly, your food dollars will go to help multiple local, small scale farmers! We’ll be giving out Home Grown Certified certificates to our partners for them to display at farmers markets and on their websites so you’ll know exactly who is down with the Home Grown Family!

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