The Home Grown Farm

Home Grown Eggs

Our family has always consumed a large amount of eggs. Between having two boys and all the baking in the house, eggs didn’t stick around for too long. When we first started the farm, we knew we wanted egg-layers running around.

After educating ourselves about egg production in the United States, we decided we only wanted to eat eggs we’d raised ourselves. We’re committed to raising all-natural, free-range eggs, raised with no hormones, antibiotics, and GMO free!

Our eggs require minimal cleaning, because we focus on the cleanliness of our coops and living conditions. With minimal cleaning, the hermetical seal is kept intact, allowing the eggs to stay much more fresh for much longer.

We also have mobile chicken houses in our fields to allow all of our egg-layers to be truly free-range. They’re given several acres to roam and are moved to fresh pasture when they’ve finished grazing.