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An investment and big leap of faith…

Whew! We feel like we just ran a marathon. We’ve just ended our Spring and Summer seasons – 18 weeks of providing produce through our new “choose your own box” model. I have to admit, we’re all pretty exhausted. When we launched this new system, we knew it would require a lot of work. Let’s just say we’re proud of ourselves for completing the last 18 weeks!

I’m going to try to get better about writing regularly. Let’s just agree to throw that ‘weekly’ thing out the window, ok? A lot has happened over the past four months and we have a lot to update you on. We opened our Farm Stand at Outdoor Waco, some of the nicest folks you could know, leased land to expand our production capabilities, brought in Ellie, our CSA Manager, and acquired Bitty, our old and cantankerous refrigerated truck. We’re excited about how we are growing and you’ll hear from Ellie soon, but first let me tell you about Bitty.


She’s big. She’s slow. She’s hard to stop once she gets going. And she’s cold. The latter is most important part to us. Last year, we ended our CSA in June and didn’t have too much trouble delivering super fresh produce in the heat. This year, as we’ve pushed to go as close to year round as possible, the heat has brought issues with delivering our produce. As a result, we acquired Bitty, our refrigerated beast of a truck. We’ve all been on a learning curve with Bitty. Riding with Ellie on our first round of deliveries in this thing was…… exhilarating? By the time we were through she had it down and I was still alive, now we just need to work on backing up.

As we power through the dog days of summer this truck will definitely be essential, once she gets out of the shop later this week! Yeah, it’s a comedy of errors around here: only two days after purchasing her, she had to get some work done. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad! But she’ll be back on the road soon and pulling up to a CSA drop off location near you.

I’ll try to be better about writing moving forward, but with the new property going into production for fall I can’t make any promises, but something tells me you’d rather have the veggies than read these anyway! In the mean time, come by and see us at Outdoor Waco, while you’re there patron their cafe inside and tell ’em thanks. They put up with us every Saturday after all.

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