The Home Grown Farm

About Us

Who We Are

The Home Grown Farm is a small family farm in Gholson, Texas. As a family of four, it takes a great deal of time and effort to run the farm. We are passionate about healthy, chemical-and-pesticide-free food. In today’s world of factory farming, we are determined to prove that local, family farming can not only succeed, but flourish. With the support of our community and customers, we’re excited to provide the best food possible.

Our Staff

Pam (Mom): The idea behind the Home Grown Farm was Mom’s alone. She had to work long, hard hours to convince the rest of us to embrace this endeavor. Mom spends most of her time baking, tending the bees, and harvesting honey. Mom is also our chief researcher and helps with planning.
Brandon (Oldest Son): Brandon manages the day-to-day farm work and is responsible for all the production that happens on the farm. Coming from a financial services background, Brandon brings a unique approach to his farming techniques. His incredibly hard-working and risk-taking personality has helped build the farm from an idea to a real business. Brandon has the impossible task of putting out the daily fires of the farm, while planning for future seasons, soil health, and the farm ecosystem.
Toby (Middle Son): Toby’s the entrepreneurial mind behind the business. After returning from a trip around the world, Toby saw the vision of the Home Grown Farm and jumped in with both feet. Before he left for the trip, Toby and Mom worked on the logo, branding and marketing for this adventure. Toby drives the distribution, development, and business administration for the Home Grown Farm.
Melanie (Little Sister): Melanie is our biggest cheerleader. Always there to lend a helping hand no matter how busy she is with her day job, Melanie jumps in wherever she’s needed. Additionally, with her Masters degree in social work, she’s also our in house counselor.
Byron Paulik: We honestly don’t know what we’d do without Byron. As our only full-time employee, he’s critical to the execution and success of our CSA. His supportive and helpful personality makes him a unique fit for the Home Grown Farm. Byron is always willing to help, regardless of if it’s in his job description. He’s just what the Home Grown Farm needs.
Chase Reynolds: Chase is our part-time farm-hand. With his background in construction, he’s a great source of counsel from building chicken tractors and mobile chicken coops to hoop houses and irrigation infrastructure. We only wish we could have him full-time.