The Home Grown Farm

July, 2015

Beet, Honey, and Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Rose Water

Directions: Roast beets at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. Remove from oven and wrap in foil to cool.  Once cool, remove skins and puree beets. Whisk pureed beets and milks, then stir in honey and sugar. Transfer mixture to sauce pot and bring to light boil for 1 minute. Make arrowroot slurry by combining arrowroot […]

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Spelt Pasta with Charred Poblano Pesto

Directions: Pasta Combine flour and salt. Mix wet ingredients. Create a well in the dry ingredients and pour in 3 Tbsp. of the wet ingredients. Begin mixing by hand then gradually add the remaining liquid. Knead for 5-10 minutes.  Form into a ball and cover. Allow dough to rest and relax for 30-60 minutes at […]

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Grilled Zucchini and Arugula Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

Directions: Slice zucchini into thin ribbons using mandolin. Drizzle zucchini ribbons with olive oil then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Lightly grill zucchini on each side. To make dressing, combine all ingredients in a bowl and whisk till blended. Place arugula on large platter and drizzle with dressing. Layer grilled zucchini on top of arugula […]

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Savory Tomato Crumble

Directions: Preheat oven to 350 and grease a 9 x 13 pan. Slice tomatoes in half then place in pan and toss with salt and apple cider vinegar.  Set aside.   To make crumble: Mix oats, almond meal, cheese, oregano, and salt. Cut butter into small cubes and add to oat mixture.  Combine all ingredients by […]

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Smoky Baba Ghanoush

Directions: Smoke the eggplant for 5 minutes, let sit for 5 minutes in the smoker, and then transfer to 375 degree oven and cook till soft and mushy to the touch, approximately 20-30 minutes.  OR grill eggplant for 5 minutes on each side.  Finish in oven if necessary. Scrape eggplant out of skins and place […]

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Seed & Oat Crackers

Directions: In a large bowl, combine all dry ingredients. Whisk maple syrup, oil, and water in a measuring cup and add to dry ingredients.  Mix thoroughly until everything is completely soaked and dough is thick. Divide dough in half, place one half into a bowl and add flavoring if desired.  Gather into a ball and place […]

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