The Home Grown Farm

May, 2014

Homemade Refrigerator Pickles

It’s summer, you guys!  I mean, yeah, okay, we’ve still got two weeks left of school.  Sure, the highs are only in the 80s – not that we’re complaining about that.  But we went to the spray park yesterday.  For the first time this season I watched squealing sun- and water-drenched children race about, chasing […]

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Mayday! Maaaydaaay!!

I’ve devised a new theory as to why pilots yell out “mayday” when they’re in distress.  They understand that evoking a typical day in May would say in the briefest of timeframes, “AAAAHHHH!  You have NO idea how crazy it just got up here!  Send help!  And I mean NOW!!”   Am I the only one […]

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Carnivore no more!

A member of our household made a rather significant life change this week declaring that their days as a carnivore were over and they’re now going strictly vegetarian.  It came as a bit of a shock to me, really.  I mean I just don’t expect to hear that from my Meat Drawer.  Yep, that’s right.  […]

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Top Ten Things I Love About The Home Grown Farm

A QUICK NOTE ABOUT THIS POST:  I am blessed to have the very unique position of straddling the fence between Home Grown Farm Insider and CSA Member.  First and foremost, I am, like all of you, a CSA Member.  I order my produce each Monday and get it a week later just like everyone else.  My main purpose […]

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